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About us | SIOT Trade s.r.o

About us

The company SIOT Trade was founded in 2012 as a supplier of laboratory glassware and consumables. Customers started to demand further ware soon and the focus of the company gradually expanded. Today is SIOT Trade comprehensive supplier of labware. Currently we are cooperating with leading producers from the Czech Republic and abroad companies. Mission: We are young, dynamic company whose mission is distribution of complex laboratory equipment. We offer individual friendly approach and fast, high-quality delivery. Vision: We want to be a company whose activity supports research of universities, research institutions, companies and individuals. Our clients are research institutes, universities, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and other distributors of labware in the EU and other countries.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • We think ecologically

We want pure nature and we disapprove wasteful extraction of raw materials. That is why we cherish nature and sorting waste. We are certified EKO-KOM.